90 PHEASANT CLOSE, Southampton NY



Play of Bigness and Simplicity creating a “contemporary barn” for modern livng.
Challenging the common traditional aesthetic of the town, the project’s design RE-INVENTS traditional MASSING in a contemporary relationship of BIGNESS, SIMPLICITY, OPENESS and LIGHT.
Our interest was to use simple shaped volumes and make them contemporary just by their overscale, purity and unespected juxtuposition to achive the program of a single family house with 7 bedrooms, gym, theatre, tennis court, pool, underground garage, etc.. paticularly suited for entertaining guests.
Rather than having convoluted traditional spaces, the ground floor is all open plan, with living, entertainment, and dining area opening to the pool and lanscape with large operable glass walls which create a seamless
indoor/ outdoor experience.
At the second floor there are the bedrooms organized around thedoublee height space of the ground floor.
The spaces are filled with filtered light from the glass gables behind a screen of wood slats for the entire depth of the house.
The interior staircase in the middle of the house floats within walls finished in flush wood panels filling with light the basement which house gym, home theatre, additional bedrooms, garage, and flexible spaces.
The massive scissor trusses, spanning the entire building, are always exposed and cutting through the walls penetrating in all the rooms.
The “chimney ” of the main house is re-invented as “the entry fragment” juxtaposed on the long side of the building rather than at the gable side as usually done.
The steel colonnade becomes a glass “gallery” connecting the main house to the guest house around the pool deck. Flanked by composed architectural volumes, it becomes a “raised piazza” looking over the rest of the property.
The exterior spiral staircase complets the composition as a contrasting sculptual accent.
The tennis court is sunken in the landscape.