The proposed project is a 5-story building, consisting of 10 units and a green rooftop with pool distributed by an open courtyard that provides direct access to the units and avoids any mechanically climate-controlled corridors.
The courtyard typology is re-interpreted with a radical floorplan arrangement of the residential units. It challenges the staus quo of the typical multifamily buildings on these type of narrow lots.
The ground-floor units are one-bedroom with double-height spaces and mezzanine. Their loft quality offsets the downside of being on the lowest floor without city view and hilside view as all the rest of the units.
All the 2-bedrooms units have a long and narrow plan configuration so that they occupy the full depth of the building and, have four side-exterior exposures allowing light to enter from all sides. This strategy also maximizes cross-ventilation and passive cooling.
On the ground floor the building is “lift up” for half of its surface, creating a common open space as a tall modern colonnade on the west side. The aim is to extend the public space into the building and reduce the building mass at the street level, thus providing open views all the way through the entire depth of the lot.
The double-height open “grand passage” is directly connected to the central courtyard all the way up to the rooftop. This is the “negative space” within the architecture that balances the massing and achieves a true urban space quality for the project.
All circulation is through the central courtyard. It encourages social interaction while walking up and down the staircases or exiting the elevator in an environment open to the sky and characterized by a 5-story tall living green wall that connects the landscape of the rooftop with the ground-floor open spaces.
Continuous balconies are provided all around the building increased in depth by the recess of the exterior wall surfaces.
Furthermore, large-pocket sliding doors enable substantial indoor/outdoor flow which will provide a high quality of life for the users as well as expanding the interior floor plates to the outside.
The rooftop is common for all units and programmed with community garden, seating area, and pool. Planting all around the edges provides a buffer to the neighboring buildings. The pool equipment and mechanical units are located on the level below in the back corner of the building so that the rooftop is clean and is truly designed as the fifth elevation of the project.
The building design is simple with a strong architectural identity.
The board-form concrete structure is exposed and defines the aesthetic of the architecture.
The sliding vertical slat wood screens are studied for privacy to mitigate the relationship with the adjacent building. They are also important to animate the façade as a movable architectural feature and to moderate the light spill from the building.
The project have been entitled.